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“ Seeing the forest for the trees ”


Macrosynergy was created in August 2009 by Robert Enserro and Nikos Makris. In January 2010, Macrosynergy launched its first investment fund, the Macrosynergy Trading Fund, a global macro fund that grew to peak assets under management of $950 million. In November 2010, Gavin Moule joined Macrosynergy. Nikos and Gavin co-managed the Trading Fund throughout its ten year history. Over the last decade, Macrosynergy launched and managed three other investment funds.

Ralph Sueppel joined Macrosynergy in January 2018. At that point, the firm channelled resources to further develop the quantamental effort first started in 2005, when Ralph, Robert, Nikos and Gavin worked together at BlueCrest Capital.

Today Ralph and Lasse Simonsen, who joined Macrosynergy in 2016, lead Macrosynergy’s quantamental research and development effort, while Robert remains responsible for the company’s strategic business development and operations.

Seeing the forest
for the trees

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- business strategies -

We manage three business strategies centered on tradable economics. They are:

The three strategies are complementary. The Quantamental Partnership is critical for developing scale. An advisory service aligns the quantamental development with the business needs of asset managers; and an asset management service pioneers innovative quantamental investment principles.